It can be hard to resist kittens when you decide to host a cat in the family.

They are playful, players. You also have the chance to raise them as you see fit from the beginning. At the same time, they require a lot of attention and you have to be vigilant, especially if they are naughty!

Are you prepared to invest the time and energy needed to meet a kitten’s needs?

If you want to host a kitten, you will have to take this into consideration.

A kitten that avoids the group and never wants to approach you is more likely to grow up shy and not like to be touched. Having a kitten that repeatedly bites and claws your hands can mean that it will play brutally as you grow up.

When choosing a kitten, check that it is apparently healthy. His eyes must be bright and clear, his ears clean, his claws smooth and his coat shiny and thick (depending on the breed) without signs of fleas. If you buy a kitten from a breeder, he may have already had a veterinarian examine him to make sure he is in good health. If not, ask him if you can take him for a health check before making a definite commitment to bring him home. If you already have at least one cat, acquiring a kitten can create fewer social conflicts than another adult cat.

If you do not have a cat now but want to have more in the future, taking one or two kittens means that they will grow together and therefore they should get along! For more information, read our guide on how to introduce your cat to other pets in the home.