Top vacuums for your pets in 2019

Top vacuums for your pets in 2019

You may have thought of everything you needed when you decided to bring an animal home. From veterinarian fees to food, you have everything planned. But you may have underestimated how much your pet’s hair can accumulate. That’s why it’s handy to know that there are vacuum cleaners that can help you clean animal hair, no matter how big or how big or small it is.

Vertical vacuum cleaners for animal hair

Upright pet vacuum

A single molt can send a large amount of hair to accumulate on the wood floors, carpets and furniture, but the vertical vacuum is made to meet the challenge and it will clean up to the last hair

The upright vacuum cleaners designed specifically for pet hair will offer some special features. Their swiveling heads can get around the furniture, easily capturing the tufts of hair you’ve missed. These vacuum cleaners come with triple brush rolls that ensure all hair and fur are removed from your floor and couch, and thanks to the intense suction force and HEPA filters on the unit, the air that the blower vacuum will not cause you any allergies.

Some models of vertical vacuums designed for pet hair also include a brush-shaped tip that you use directly on your pet. This tip will remove any hair that has not yet fallen, which will ensure that your floors, as well as your pet, remain clean.

Sled vacuums for animal hair

Canister vacuum for pet hair

Some of the best vacuum cleaners for removing pet hair are vacuum cleaners . Depending on the model you choose, you’ll find features like five-level motorized brushes and a brush tip for pet hair. This means that you can use your vacuum cleaner on any type of carpet, floor or even furniture, and that you will pick up each time to the last hair of Fido.

Sucker vacuums also have built-in filters that can contain ingredients such as activated carbon to remove animal odors, as well as HEPA filters that capture up to 99.9% of suspended allergens. With a vacuum cleaner, you also have the chance to choose between models with or without bag. The bags make it much easier to handle the hair and collect dust when it’s time to throw it in the garbage.

Broom vacuums for animal hair

Stick vacuum cleaner for pets

Just because you own a pet does not mean you have to say goodbye to the broom or cordless vacuum models. The latest broom vacuum cleaners offer models designed specifically for pet owners, and features such as extra long battery life, extra accessories to remove furniture hair and between cushions, and three levels of suction that will allow you to clean thick carpets as well as floors.

Some brush vacuum models also have built-in technology to remove microscopic animal dander as well as visible hair. Since many broom vacuum cleaner models are also wireless, you can also easily clean the hair inside your car.

Hand vacuums for animal hair

Handheld pet vacuum

There are many advantages to having a hand vacuum when it comes to cleaning your pet’s hair. When your pet returns by dragging half of the backyard into his coat, you can quickly grab your hand vacuum and clean up behind them.

These pet-friendly vacuum cleaners enjoy incredibly powerful suction, and some models will go up to 110,000 rpm to capture even the smallest piece of animal squama. If you choose a wireless model, you will get a long-lasting battery, so that the vacuum cleaner is always ready to work when there is hair to pick up.

Robotic vacuum cleaners for animal hair

Robot pet vacuum

Yes, it’s true: you can find robot vacuum cleaners that will clean the hair of your pets without you having to lift a finger. Beyond the fact that you can create your own schedule and clean the floors every day with a robot vacuum cleaner, these devices also have powerful motors, able to suck up the last grain of dust, as well as brushes that are not do not entangle, which ensures that they will not remain trapped in the first pile of hair they encounter.

Robot vacuum cleaner batteries have a long life, so they can navigate every corner of your home in search of hair and dust, and when the battery loses power, they return to their base on their own recharge.

Top vacuums for your pets in 2019

The efficiency of a vacuum cleaner is measured against its performance. The vacuum cleaners we present below are some of the best hair vacuums this year. Just look at their qualities, their performance and the many accessories they have to be convinced.