Tips for buying a pet online

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On the internet there are many individuals and nurseries that sell pets of all kinds. Is the purchase secure through this channel? Let’s see some tips to avoid scams when buy pets from Online Pet Store.

How to buy a pet online

The Internet has become the world’s largest platform for buying and selling all kinds of things, including the list of animals such as dogs and cats.

Buying a pet online is as simple as it is dangerous, and there are many scammers who try to make the business of their lives by trading stolen, sick or unlicensed copies. Let’s look at several tips before closing the purchase of a dog online.

Information about the pet before buying online

There are many who sell dogs or cats online, but very few who have the relevant license to dedicate themselves to this activity.

If we buy from individuals, we must ensure at least that the dog or cat has the official health card where he specifies all the information that interests us, that is: age, breed and pedigree (serves to certify the purity of the breed), if it has been dewormed or not, the vaccines that it carries (with its corresponding stamp of the veterinarian), etc. Likewise, it is advisable to demand a document signed by the seller assuring that the pet is in perfect condition and does not suffer any disease.

Being a private person, in most cases there will be no official license for the exchange (required in most countries), so it is very likely that we are legally forsaken before possible cheating or fraud. If we still decide to go ahead with the purchase of the pet via Internet, you should try to get the maximum possible information from the seller and never pay before having made a first visit to the animal.

Purchase of pets in professional breeders online

On the other hand, if we buy pet breeders we must demand an official license of activity or similar that accredit them as professionals, in addition to the official booklet and other conditions required in the previous paragraph. These are usually known as “professional breeders”. 
Remember that if these conditions are not required, it is possible to find mafia salesmen who do not hesitate to overexploit the females to give birth to more litters than those recommended, or to import unhealthy dogs without breeds illegally.

Once we have our pet at home, the first visit should be to the veterinarian, who will evaluate the general condition of the animal and give his approval to begin to lead a normal life in our home.

Report to illegal pet sellers

Finally, it is convenient to denounce those sellers who carry out their activity illegally, either because they do not have their officially regulated situation, or because even if they do not meet the requirements demanded by law.