The domestic dog many breeds

The domestic dog many breeds

There are many dog ​​breeds

Dogs are mammals of the canine family. He is a warm-blooded vertebrate animal and is omnivorous. Who does not know the dog, certainly, you have one or one of your neighbors. Their size, length of hair, color and other physical characteristics are different from one species to another.

Many dog ​​breeds come from crosses between individuals with distinct physical characters. Individuals with special characteristics are often used for mating to produce puppies that are more likely to have the same character. Breed dogs even have papers to prove that they come from purebred animals.

Some small dogs like the poodle are used as pets. Other larger ones serve as a guardian. Others serve to guide the blind, but they are usually of medium size.

Dogs are able to learn to understand words and signs. A well trained dog is much more useful and enjoyable, either because he does not shoot during his walk, or when he barks only when needed. With patience, it is possible to train the dog to listen to the orders and signs that you teach him.

The dog is often more obedient and tries less to save herself, when it comes time to reproduce. It is the male who will often move to find the female that is ready for breeding. The male dog therefore tries more often to flee and must often be tied or fenced.

Breed dogs are usually very expensive, precisely because of the dog’s family tree. Some breed dogs often have a character or habits that are specific to the breed, such as the greyhound that is very fast and used for dog racing.

The dog is often adapted to its environment, either by its long hair and thick for the cold regions or ras for the hot regions. Some have webbed feet that make them more agile in the water. They are no longer so affected by natural selection, being domesticated by man.

A dog requires a lot of care and maintenance. It’s like a child who never grows up, we have to take him out for his needs, give him water, watch his diet so that he does not become an obese dog … and you have to know that a dog can live in good health for a good 15 years. So think carefully before buying a dog as a pet.

The male is called a dog, the female a bitch and the baby a puppy.

The life span of a dog is 15 to 17 years old.