The 6 Best Water Fountains To Encourage Your Dog to Hydrate Well

Dehydration can lead to serious health problems in dogs. To encourage the animal to drink a little more, you could bring the best dog water fountain.

An article that does not filter well debris promotes the proliferation of bacteria. Then, some too fragile products are easily manhandled by the dog. The container may break at any time.

In addition, a dog that is too small may fall into a container that is too large, while a container that is too small for a large animal may favor splashing on the ground.

You want to opt for a good quality product? You can make the best choice considering the good value for money.

What is the best water fountain for dogs?

The ideal product must match the needs and requirements of the user. First of all, the product must be very easy to use so that the animal and the owner can handle it without any problem.

Then the material should perfectly match the size of the animal and the number of pets present in the house. The product should be neither too big nor too small for the dog.

Then, not only must the manufacturing materials be strong, but they must also be perfectly safe for the animal and contain no toxic components. Among other things, the water must always be kept safe and fresh to ensure the health of the dog. For this, the water should include filters.

You are looking for a product easy to maintain, safe and solid, so make your choice among these 6 highly rated fountains.

Waterfall fountain with odor retention and PetSafe bacteria

 This fountain sends a cascade stream with adjustable flowThis system encourages your animals to drink more. With a capacity of 5 l, the material helps to improve the hydration of your four-legged companion, while reducing kidney problems. The model has a submersible pump that ensures the discretion of the fountain by making it silent .

Regarding the freshness of the water, it is provided by the antibacterial filter and the pre-filter. These devices also retain debris and animal food left in the water.


PetSafe 8.5L Adjustable Flow Large Dog Water Fountain

With a capacity of 8.5L, this product has a convenient 3.78L tank, not to mention its 12.7 cm deep spill-proof bowl. Easy to clean, this model is especially suitable for large dogs, but it is also suitable for many small dogs and cats.

The flow rate of the cascade water jet is quite adjustable. This system is effective at oxygenating water and encouraging animals to drink more water. The receiving ramp prevents splashing, while the rubber feet prevent the material from slipping.

PAWZ Road Pet Fountain Cat Water Dispenser

It has silent water pump which is safe to use as it does not disturb the sleep of the pets and owners.
This dog water fountain is made of ABS material. It is easy to remove water from the fountain and pour the fresh water in it. It has 4 modes.

  1. Intermittent mode
  2. Smart mode
  3. Sleeping mode
  4. Working mode


In intermittent mode, the fountain works in intervals. It works for 30s and then stops for 30s. In smart mode, infrared sensor detects the pets within 1.5 meter range and dispense water.  When the power button is pressed, its starts working. In continual modes, it works 24 hours.
PAWZ Road Pet Fountain Cat Water Dispenser has one more version with regular price of $19 but it has only continual mode in which this dog water fountain works for 24 hours. It is made of polished antibacterial PP resin material. Its bowl is non-toxic and odorless.


Sustainable water fountain and outdoor Meiying

With this fountain, your dog will have constant access to fresh and clean water. The model is made of aluminum, stainless steel and brass. These components prevent the rust of the material, while ensuring its strength and durability.

Your pet can easily handle the material. The product uses a standard garden hose as a source of water.

Indeed, when the paddle is squeezed, the valve can release the water with an upward motion to land in your dog’s mouth.


Dogit White Dog Fountain

This elevated drinking fountain is suitable for large cats and dogs. With a continuous filtration system, the model guarantees a quality water supply for a long time. You can set it up for watering dogs and cats during long weekends and holidays.

Thus, the water circulates constantly without stagnating. This movement encourages your dog to hydrate even more to avoid kidney problems. This fountain has a raised water that is higher than a conventional bowl.


Trixie Dog Water Dispenser

This cool plastic water dispenser has a clear container for you to see the clarity of the water through. The fountain is slightly bubbling to motivate the dog to quench his thirst.

The model reduces bad odors while ensuring optimal taste in the water. Indeed, the operating system of the product enriches the water with oxygen and guarantees the circulation of fresh water.

The freshness of the water is also ensured by the activated carbon filter. If necessary, you can also use the 2 spare filters.