Six alternatives to the horrible collar

Six alternatives to the horrible collar


We all know it! Our hairy cannot help but lick their wounds when they have one or more. They prevent their healing. The most commonly proposed solution is the collar … they all hate without exception!

Put yourself in their place! You could eat, you with this plastic thing around your neck? You would know how to go down the stairs? Do you move? It’s hell for them! In addition, the material may possibly cause allergies…

Fortunately, there are alternatives to these torture instruments!

We chose the devices that we thought were the most practical for the dog. They ensure a maximum of comfort; allow the animal to see, promote a fast healing because really protective….

The Bite Not necklace

This PVC accessory is new to the market. It is flexible and allows your pet to drink, eat, and sleep without problems. It also helps to maintain the cervical. The collar is also accompanied by a harness that prevents it from slipping.

The Bite Not exists in 7 sizes.

It seems absolutely essential to take the measures if you want an effective accessory. It is not suitable to protect against damage to the ears, eyes and feet.

Protection collar

This inflatable neck pillow looks like the one you could use to take a nap in an airplane. The dog cone alternative is very comfortable for the dog. It allows him to drink, eat, play … The material does not cause rash or irritation in the neck. The product is available in 6 sizes.

The collar does not provide as much protection as the plastic cone.

This device is ideal for animals with upper body injuries. The Collar is less likely to protect areas such as paws or tails.

Some users have mentioned that the dog cone alternative tends to deflate during the day and can easily tear. This form of collar could be a good option for fairly calm animals.

The Kong EZ collar (soft collar)

The necklace is really identical to the uncomfortable collar but it is fabric, so flexible and practical. It is ruled by a cord and does not destroy your walls by scraping against them. It is machine washable and offers 5 sizes

Users find it convenient to put on and fix. It holds well on the animal. It therefore advantageously replaces the plastic device.

Elisa soft recovery

This soft-faced collar offers protection and freedom of movement for the head, neck and body. It is strong, bites resistant, water repellent and machine washable. Sizing is flexible because the drawstring adapts to different neck sizes. This one works particularly well for dogs in long recoveries.

It is therefore light and easy to set up. The integrated clip is very adjustable. It allows the dog to sleep and be comfortable. Can be worn inverted to protect shoulder / back areas.

On the other hand, because of its flexibility, the dog can easily fold it. The collar also limits the vision because it is a solid fabric

Opt visor or Nova guard

These devices are available in the US unfortunately and are ideal for blind dogs, for example, which can get hurt by bumping into objects.

They present themselves as masks that leave their ears free. They therefore offer the opportunity to drink, eat, and move without problem. Masks are sold in 7 sizes. They are difficult to accept to dogs but can be interesting for specific care, facial injuries, neck, head…

It may be the most successful recovery collar we’ve seen.

It is made of expanded polyethylene foam and covered with a water resistant nylon fabric. Very soft and light, it is potentially useful for shoulder and chest problems. It does not matter how to eat, drink, see or hear. As it is wide, one would have thought that dogs would not want to wear it. But apparently the animals do it without difficulty.

The device is lightweight and allows all movements.

It is not ideal for short-legged dogs as it touches the ground. Flexibility also carries a risk: the dog can chew to reach his wound around the cervix. The fixed pressure closure does not allow adjusting the size either.