How to learn cleanliness to your puppy?

This is not necessarily the first thing you think about when you adopt a puppy, yet training in cleanliness is a crucial step for both the animal and the owner. We give you some tips to cross it. The importance of starting early It is very difficult to re-educate a dog once it has become […]

How to take care of your dog?

Care Your dog needs, for its balance and health, impeccable hygiene. Bathing, brushing, cleaning the eyes, ears, feet and anal glands, maintenance of teeth and nails, care to come in different forms. The bath From the age of three months, the puppy can swim. To do this, the use of a specific shampoo and compresses […]

The domestic dog many breeds

The domestic dog many breeds There are many dog ​​breeds Dogs are mammals of the canine family. He is a warm-blooded vertebrate animal and is omnivorous. Who does not know the dog, certainly, you have one or one of your neighbors. Their size, length of hair, color and other physical characteristics are different from one […]