How to take care of your dog?


Your dog needs, for its balance and health, impeccable hygiene. Bathing, brushing, cleaning the eyes, ears, feet and anal glands, maintenance of teeth and nails, care to come in different forms.

The bath

From the age of three months, the puppy can swim. To do this, the use of a specific shampoo and compresses to protect the ears is recommended. The dog snorts alone. Then, using a towel or a hair dryer – set at the lowest power and kept at a safe distance – the drying must be immediate. To avoid knots, dry in the direction of the hair. If the dog lives in an apartment, bathing takes place once or twice a month. If on the other hand it is flagged, twice a year is enough.


In the face of dirt and dead hair, brushing is essential. At each coat its rhythm! In fact, cleaning is weekly for short hairs, daily for long hairs.

Eyes, ears

It is necessary to clean the eyes with a cotton soaked with special lotion to purify the outline. As for the ears, between risks of parasites, infections and hair clogging the ear canals, they require special attention: place on a chisel with round ends a cotton soaked in veterinary milk or a special wipe at the bottom, massage slightly. With a dry cotton, unravel the edges. The operations are to be repeated two to three times a week.

The legs

For the legs, you must ensure that it has no hair, stones or thorns between the toes (it prevents the formation of fluff and abscess).
The nails are healed thanks to a suitable cutting plier. To fight against bad breath and tartar deposition, the teeth must be brushed with a toothpaste specially designed for animals. Otherwise, scrub them with a compress of baking soda.
Finally, if you see your dog squirming behind grass, it may mean that he has worms or anal glands engorged.
Against worms, administer appropriate treatment. And to unclog the anal glands, compress the anus with a cotton pad. All of this care has a double importance. First, prevent problems of inflammation of the skin, mucous membranes and discharge of the eyes, nose, ears. Then, offer a privileged moment of communication that reinforces the confidence of the animal towards the master.