How to choose toys suitable for small dogs

Small dogs seem to have unlimited energy. The right toys can help your puppy spend some of that energy and prevent him from getting bored. However, due to his short stature, you must carefully choose the right toy for your little friend.


Size. Too small toys are a danger because they can cause suffocation. As a general rule, you should never give your pet a toy that can fit completely inside the mouth or something smaller than a Ping-Pong ball. This may seem strange since most of the toys that are marketed for the “small breed” are usually small enough so that they can play safely. Small dogs tend to have a good time playing with tennis balls and throwing toys. Of course, a King-sized toy is marketed for a Great Dane, probably too big for your little pet, who will feel frustrated and finally, bored.


Materials. Toys made of hard rubber are among the safest for small breeds. These toys are durable and difficult to break by a small dog. Stuffed toys are an option when your best friend wants to feel comforted. Make sure your toy is not used for rough and violent games. Check the stuffed toys every day to see if it has any damage and discard it if it has scratches or holes, since your friend can feed with your stuffing. Look for stuffed toys that are resistant if your pet usually bites and destroys them in a matter of minutes.


Less dangers, more security. Avoid any kind of toy with attached parts or accessories that can bite. These include stuffed toys with beads and button eyes or toys with pompoms, hanging ribbons or chains. Small dogs have smaller mouth and throat and can drown with a small bead that a larger dog could swallow without any problem. These dogs also seem to love the curious whistles that bring some stuffed toys, which can be dangerous. If your friend seems determined to take pieces and pieces of his toys, let him play with his dinner and remove the toy. Safe toys for him are usually made of hard rubber and designed to hide small treats by giving your partner fun and food at the same time.


Chew toys. Chewing is a natural behavior in dogs and in most cases they seem never satisfied. Satisfy the chewing instinct of your little dog with a chewable toy bone of the right size. The bully sticks, although they smell bad, can help clean your teeth for a week or more. Just make sure you throw them out when they are small enough to fit inside your mouth. Chewing on an antler is another good option for smaller breeds. However large breeds have a greater risk of breaking a tooth when performing this activity. Although this activity is stimulating for your friend. You should keep in mind that small ones usually do not. They have strength in the bite and chewing can cause dental damage. Small dogs should avoid swallowing pieces of rawhide. You can buy these toys from on cheap prices.