How much does a baby Gecko eat?

To learn what do baby geckos eat is essential to take proper care of it and get it healthy to adulthood.

Offspring reptiles are especially vulnerable. Growing and developing outside of their natural habitat is not an easy task and therefore they need your help. On the one hand, you must reinforce all hygiene habits more than ever. On the other, it is important that you do not neglect your diet and that you know how the diet of a young animal differs from that of an adult.

Do you want to know everything about feeding a Gecko baby? Keep reading to discover our tips.

Discover how much a baby Gecko eats

Like baby lizards or any reptile during its first months of life, a baby Gecko needs to eat more than an adult. These last ones do not need to feed themselves every day, but they are enough with being fed in alternate days. However, individuals with less than four months need extra nutrition to complete their development; therefore, feed them every day.

How should the amounts you provide to your little Gecko be? To calculate it, supply food to your Gecko and observe it. The food you eat during the first 15 or 20 minutes is what you really need.

What does a Gecko baby eat?

The “menu” of a Gecko when it is still being developed is very similar to that of an adult. Geckos are insectivorous animals and feed mainly on crickets, although you can also add a bit of variety to their diet by sometimes giving them flour or wax worms.

It is very important that the insects that you supply to your reptile are alive: these animals enjoy hunting and are rarely attracted to inert animals. You can buy live bait for Geckos at any pet store and keep it in a jar.