Dog Gears

Dog Gears: the essentials

The accessories dog did nothing in fact Accessory! You can not welcome your dog with open arms but empty hands: you need to acquire the minimum union in terms of dog gears so that when he arrive the animal feels very comfortable, and already a little home.

In addition, predicting the purchase of dog gears in advance will avoid you rushes into the shops (and it’s the tile when it happens on a Sunday!) To buy the accessory you need on the field, but that your dog is missing. For all these good reasons, here is a list of essential DogGear that must be brought before your arrival.

Dog toys

Bullets, dolls, sticks of rubber bones … Here are many dog toys found in specialty stores: the softest toys are for puppies, the hardest toys for adult dogs and the most resistant to “destructive” dogs.

After a while, it is natural to want to wash the dog’s toys, but it is not advisable to do so because dogs like to smell their own smells.

The dog collar and leash

By the age of 6 or 7 weeks, a puppy can start wearing a collar; it must be neither too narrow nor too broad; to be sure that the size fits, just pass a finger between the neck and the collar. Learn more about the dog collar.

As for the dog leash, it can be made of fabric, nylon or leather, but the metal leash is strictly forbidden for a puppy, because it could damage the teeth by biting to play. Learn more about the dog leash.

Combs and dog brushes

The comb or the dog brushes are the essential elements to take care of your dress. Rubbing the coat of hairless and smooth dogs with a rubber glove is enough, while dogs with long hair should be brushed regularly.

The most useful instruments are a comb with thick metal teeth, which serves to remove parasites, and a comb with spaced metal teeth, which serves to undo the knots and learn more about dog grooming.

The dog bowl

The dog’s bowl must be personal: his or her bowl will be his and to no one else. You will need at least 2 dog bowls: one that will be filled with dog food, the other with water. The food bowl can be removed from the dog once it has finished its meal, and it is even advisable, but the bowl of water must be constantly available and always filled with fresh water.

The dog bowl is available in plastic, for convenience, stainless steel, for strength over time, or ceramic for aesthetics. Non-slip bowls are very handy for dogs that are used to making quick meals! Otherwise, take care to buy bowls whose size is proportional to that of the dog.

The dog transport cage

The dog cage will be used to transport the dog from the place of purchase to your home, but it will also serve for all other trips you will have to do with your dog. This may involve the whereabouts of the veterinarian, departures on vacation … or any trip you have to do by car.

Take care to buy the dog’s cage according to its size once it is grown! Indeed, dogs grow up quickly, and if the transport cage is not big enough, it will change! Learn more about the dog transport cage.

The dog coat

Sudden changes in temperature are not suitable for a small puppy used to the warmth of the house, and the dog coat can sometimes be useful in winter.

It can be avoided by taking the dog to run and play at the hottest hours of the day, but if the walk is on a leash and in the evening, it is better to protect the young dog from the cold.