Introducing your puppy to his new home

Maybe you just bought a dog or you are still looking for pets for sale, one thing is certain, you have to make your new family member fell like he’s living the best day of his life. Getting a new dog is something really exciting and it is a complex process that you shouldn’t neglect. At first you have to be sure that your home is ready for welcoming your puppy and satisfies all of his needs.

When you first arrive with your puppy, there will be a lot of things he will have to get used to. He will be reserved at first but with a little help from you,he will feel like home in no time. Give him a place where he can retreat and keep in mind that some dog breeds need more space than others. Assign an indoor space especially for him and fill it with a cozy blanket and some dog toys. After he will feel comfortable he will start to explore so make sure that your house is prepared for that. Make sure to buy some dog gates if you feel like your dog shouldn’t be allowed in some areas of the house.


Keep him fit and healthy. Puppies will be active from the beginning and they don’t need too much encouragement from you to exercise. Be sure that you will make an appointment to the vet as soon as you get it. That way you will know for sure what his health condition is and when he will need to be vaccinated. Dogs need to exercise a lot so make sure that you will take him out to walks as soon as he gets his vaccine. Don’t forget to buy some toys for him to help him stay active indoors and outdoors.

Toilet training your puppy is a process that has to be done from the beginning. Puppies have fairly regular schedule so it should be pretty easy for you to teachhim where and when to go. Every morning after he eats take him to the designated place for him to eliminate and reward him whenever he does his job where he’s supposed to do.

If you have taken the decision of buying a new puppy visit to choose from all the different dog breeds which are for adoption or sale. If you already have a puppy, check Mypetzilla’s website for more pet advice.