Teach Your Students About Genealogy the Easy Way

For many students, thinking back further than their own parents, or at the most, their grandparents, is a difficult task. Asking them to chart out their family tree becomes an interesting web-like chart filled with numerous branches that a more mature person is quite certain is not possible, at least not legally! If you are trying to teach your students the concept of genealogy and tracking their family history, but are struggling to make it stick with abstract examples, why not invest in a class subscription to Ancestry.com?


Using this incredible service, you can submit your own details as a reference. Your students can learn more about you and your family, and you will find all kinds of interesting information about yourself in the process. As a result of an Ancestry.com subscription, your students will be able to use your family history as a reference point for how to chart out the different relationships, whether simple and familiar ones like mother, father, uncle, nephew, son, daughter, and cousin, or delving deeper into the “once-removed,” “twice-removed,” type of categories.

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With teaching becoming an increasingly difficult task in the 21st century, thanks to budget cuts and limited resources, why not take advantage of a great opportunity to save when presented one? Turn your unit on genealogy into an easy one by investing in an Ancestry.com account today. You and your students will love the fact that you can help them chart out their entire family tree, and it will be loads of fun, too!